Pequot Library

Bringing Literature, Music, Art, Science &
the Humanities to our Community

Pequot Library Association

The Pequot Library Association (PLA) is at the core of all that Pequot is and does.  Pequot is a public association library, so it truly belongs to its users and, most especially, to the members of the PLA. Created by the founders of the Library, the Pequot Library Association is the governing membership organization that supports all the Library’s activities. It was established before construction of the Library even began, and its members give an annual donation to be a part of this great organization.

Pequot’s core mission remains as the founders intended: to bring literature, music, art, science and the humanities to this community. So today, when you make an Annual Gift and join the PLA, you join with the Marquands, Monroes, Holman’s, Perry’s, Wakeman’s, and many others who built and maintained Pequot Library through seven generations.

PLA membership donations support every facet of the Library’s activities and services. The books on the shelves; the magazines and periodicals in the May/Southport Conservancy Room; the musical, genealogical and research databases on our website; the laptops in the Main Reading Room; the educational and fun programs for children and young adults; the broad array of programs, lectures, and concerts in our Auditorium; the events that gather the community together—for all of these and more, we have the members of the Pequot Library Association to thank.

Ways to Give

Benefits of Annual Giving