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Use of the spaces in the Library is encouraged for public and private gatherings. A contract will be executed between the Library and the organization or individual responsible for the rental agreement (The Renter), containing all the appropriate provisions, which will be thoroughly reviewed prior to signing.

By code, the maximum capacity of the Auditorium is 220 occupants. We suggest that events of more than 125 in the Auditorium be scheduled after regular Library hours, to ease potential parking conflicts. While the Auditorium is Pequot Libraryʼs main rental facility, the Libraryʼs additional spaces are also potentially available after Library operating hours.

At least one Library staff person will be in attendance during the time of use for directional and security purposes. The Renter is responsible for providing any additional lighting, sound, and support services staff if the event requires it. If food is being served, the facility does not have a kitchen, but we welcome third party catering companies and have a list of preferred vendors with whom the Library has a good working relationship. The Renter is responsible for cleaning after the event. All leftover food and drink must be taken away or disposed of before leaving.

The Renter will be responsible for all the charges specified in the contract and for all other provisions it may contain, as well as for any damage incurred, and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Library from and against any loss, damage or liability of any kind arising from or in connection with the use of the Auditorium or other facilities of the Library by the Renter or the attendance of any person(s) at any function in the Auditorium or other facilities of the Library.

The Renter is required to provide a certificate of liability insurance acceptable to the Library and naming Pequot Library Association as an additional insured for the event specified in this contract, and to obtain all required licenses and permits.

The payee for rental fees is “The Pequot Library Association.”

The Library will make every effort possible to assure that your program will be a pleasant one but must reserve the right to cancel any event due to circumstances beyond the Libraryʼs control. Signing this contract in no way constitutes an endorsement by the Library of the Renter or its program.

Please do not attach anything to the historic auditorium walls, windows or glass. No scotch tape and no masking tape is allowed, in addition to no burning candles allowed anywhere at any time.

Any group anticipating attendance of 150 is responsible for obtaining services of an off-duty police officer to coordinate parking and traffic flow. The Library parking lot capacity is 35. If Library lot is full, please park on the Library side of the street only. The Library recommends that the Renter encourage event attendees to carpool whenever possible as a green way to alleviate traffic and parking concerns, in accordance with Pequotʼs Green Initiative.