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Lobby Book Sale

june lobby book sale with internsThroughout the year, Pequot Library keeps a small bookcase, located off the Reading Room, filled with books for sale (continually restocked by our Book Sale volunteers). The selection is chosen by theme for each month, but always includes Large Print and Fiction. The theme of the Lobby Book Sale changes monthly, see list below.

Books are individually priced and can be paid for at the Front Desk by cash or check. Purchases can be made during regular library hours.



22589429236 8d1f853aa3 kNEW! The Bargain Basement bookcase is now ready for business. It's located at the foot of the stairs near the Front Desk (checkout circulation desk). Most books are $1. Mostly fiction, mysteries, cookbooks, and other miscellaneous genres.

Lobby Book Sale Seasonal Themes Change Monthly:
Cookbooks on hearty winter meals, books on winter and snow, plus Martin Luther King, Jr. Valentine's Day books are displayed mid-month.
February: Until 2/15 books on Valentine's Day, books by Beverly Cleary (children's author) who is 100 years old, illustrated children's classics, pamphlet cookbooks for 25 cents, books about cooking, books of stickers and tattoos, bookmarks, adult fiction and miscellaneous items.
March: Easter, women's history (March is Women's History Month) - both adult and children's, music books and CDs
April: Adult and children poetry(for National Poetry Month), adult and children baseball, Passover, spring, children's DVDs and pamphlet cookbooks.
May: Mother's Day until May 10 and then books for Father's Day, plus adult and children's gardening books, children's CDs and DVDs, pamphlet cookbooks, miscellaneous, large print and fiction.
June: Adult and children's Father's Day, adult and children's golf, adult and children's birds, graduation gifts, teacher appreciation, celebrating school being out, large print and non-books items like puzzles.
July: Summer cookbooks, other adult and children's summer related books, adult and children's patriotic books, and a few interesting and miscellaneous items.
August: Annual Back to School sale featuring workbooks, reference books, and school-related items preschool through high school, adult large print books, and miscellaneous items.
September: Paperback extravaganza!  Mainly paperback books--adult and children, fiction and non-fiction, including cookbooks and science fiction. Large print books and adults'  and children's books about fall/autumn and dogs.
October: Adult and children's books for Halloween and art books to coincide with the art show, plus art postcards, greeting cards, notecards, and bookmarks. Books by Edgar Allan Poe and books on witches to go along with the new exhibit.
November: Adult and children's Thanksgiving books, adult/children's nature field guides, adult/children's crafts, cookbooks including ones about Thanksgiving cooking and the ever popular 25 cent pamphlet cookbooks, also large print books and books made into movies.
December: Adult and children's Christmas and Hanukkah books, holiday crafts and cookbooks, Christmas cards, CDs, DVDs, Pequot Library pewter ornaments and miscellaneous holiday items.