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Read to Our Bunny

Blossom April 2014 compressWe welcomed our newest bunny, Blossom, during Take Your Child to the Library Day.

Experience the joys of “labor-free” pet ownership! When mature, she will take over as the new reading ambassador in Pequot's "Read to Our Bunny" program. She may be placed on a child’s lap, read to, and petted. Emerging readers enjoy the fact that a rabbit does not care if they make a mistake. Research indicates that children benefit greatly from this kind of early reading interaction in a non-threatening environment. When she is old enough, Blossom may also be "checked out" for a stroll around the neighborhood, weather permitting. Be sure to call first for an appointment!

Blossom is a sweetheart and is already winning over new fans. Since she is still a baby, she won't yet be at the Library everyday. As she matures, Blossom will take her place in the line of legendary bunnies at Pequot Library.

Here's a history, or a "herstory" if you will, about bunnies of the past, including Belle, our former resident, real-life, and legendary rabbit.

She was a favorite of the children who frequent Pequot Library’s Children’s Department. Staff members and adult patrons also enjoyed the company of our pet. Belle helped children learn kindness, respect, and consideration for animals. They experienced the companionship and humorous antics that pets can provide as they enrich our world.

Belle was born on Christmas Day of 2007 and came to the Library in February of 2008. She had big shoes to fill after the passing of our beloved Puff, who had resided here for the previous two years. Belle was a beautiful, Mini Rex rabbit, with characteristic velveteen fur.

puffmobileBesides reading to her, kids could even check out Belle in her pink “Puffmobile” stroller for a walk in the neighborhood, weather permitting and with an accompanying adult. She was often spotted on these outings to the delight of passersby. Soon you'll be able to "check out" Blossom too.

Both opportunities require prior registration since Blossom’s schedule is limited to one contact per day. You could book an appointment by calling the Children’s Dept. at (203) 259-0346 ext. 18 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In the spring of 2010, a number of our youngest patrons—together with the wonderful support of their families, came together to create a vegetable garden for Belle. This required two workdays: one to create the beds, and one to plant the seedlings that children had chosen to bring. Every year we have our annual "Plant the Garden" day for families to come help. There's always a picnic and cake too!

Soon, you may bring healthy treats for our new bunny, which she will much appreciate. Suggestions include: dark leafy greens only, including spinach, kale,Belles gardencollards, carrot and beet tops. Her favorite treats are dill, parsley, basil, and of course fruits like bananas, berries, and apples. Please no iceberg lettuce. Please see a staff member before feeding her.

Special thanks to Dr. Timothy Plunkett of Fairfield Veterinary Hospital for donating his services and taking excellent care of Belle and her predecessor, Puff.