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Borrowing and Circulation

Library Cards

A valid library card is needed to borrow library materials, and the following policies apply:

  • Fairfield and Southport residents can get a library card with proof of residency (such as a driver’s license, utility bill, etc.) showing both their name and address
  • One Card One Town is now into effect.  Fairfield and Southport residents share the same card
  • Those with a valid library card from another Connecticut library (in their town of residence) can use their card at Pequot Library. Putting a patron’s information into our computer system will take a few minutes, but is needed to ensure full borrowing privileges at all three Fairfield libraries
  • Students at Fairfield University and Sacred Heart University may borrow materials from Pequot Library and will need to be added to our system. Students should bring a valid university library card which can be used in the Fairfield system.
Loan Periods

Most of the materials at Pequot Library may be borrowed. Please see below for loan periods and a list of what does not circulate.

  • Materials which circulate for a 3-Day Loan Period:
    All DVD's

  • Materials which circulate for a 7-Day Loan Period:
    Children’s Videos
    EXPRESS Books (Adult)
  • Materials which circulate for a 14-Day Loan Period:
    New Books for Adults (six months old or less)
    New Books for Young adults (six months old or less)
    All Audiobooks, Children’s and Adult (CDs, Playaways)
    Children’s Holiday books
    Children’s Music (CDs)
    ‘Hooked on Phonics’
    Children’s Summer Reading List Books
  • Materials which circulate for a 21-Day Loan Period:
    Books for Adults and Young Adults (older than six months)
    Children’s books not listed above
  • Non-circulating Materials:
    Magazines and Newspapers
    Adult and Children’s Reference Resources
    Special Collections including the Genealogy & Local History Collection

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Returning Materials
  • All library materials can be returned to the Front Desk during library hours or placed in the Book Drop outside the rear parking lot entrance at any time. The Book Drop is emptied once each morning and the return date is back-dated to the date when the library was last open.
  • Library materials can be returned at any of the three Fairfield libraries: Fairfield Main Library, Fairfield Woods Branch Library, or Pequot Library and will be returned to the owning library within a day or two.
  • Pequot Library materials can also be returned to any public library in Connecticut. They will be routed back to us and backdated to the date noted by the library where they were returned. This service is available through the Connecticut State Library’s Connecticard system, which arranges pick-ups from and deliveries to all 163 Connecticut libraries in the network.
  • Pequot Library will renew an item unless another patron has placed a hold on it.
  • Patrons may renew their items in person, by telephone (203) 259-0346 ext. 15, or online using Renew My Account in the online catalog. A library card number is need for online access.
  • Items will be renewed for the full loan period beginning on the date renewed.

  • Pequot Library now has email reminders for items which need to be renewed. If your email address is not in our system, we can add it at any time. Please see the Front Desk.
  • Please Note: We cannot renew items for Fairfield Main and Woods libraries after the first three renewals.
  • Please Note: We cannot renew Express books
Placing HOLDs

To place a Hold on an item, you first need to find the item in the library catalog.

You can place a Hold on an item in person or over the phone

You can access the catalog from the homepage of our website.

  • Click on Find a Book in the orange box on the left-hand side of the homepage. This will bring you to the quick search page of the library catalog.
  • Enter your search terms in the box and click on the corresponding search button (“words or phrase,” “author,” “title,” etc.).
  • The search results will be displayed. Click on the “Details” button next to the item you are looking for.
  • Click the “Place Hold” link on the left-hand side of the page.
  • Enter your 14-digit library card number in the box and specify where you would like to pick up the item when it is available (Fairfield Public, Fairfield Woods or Pequot). Click the “Place Hold” button.
  • The results will be displayed and you will be alerted when the item is available to be picked up.
Late Fees and Other Charges
  • Pequot Library charges 15 cents per item per day for overdue materials. If a patron accrues a fine of $50.00 or more, his or her account will be blocked, meaning that he or she will be unable to borrow or renew materials until the fine has been paid to a figure below $50.00.
  • Lost items will be charged to the patron based on the current price of the item plus a processing fee. If the patron wishes to purchase an exact copy of the lost item, the Library will accept this substitute and cancel the fines and processing fee. The Library will provide the patron with the information necessary to purchase the exact item.
  • Pequot Library will forgive fines for teachers on Pequot Library materials only. Fines on items belonging to Fairfield Main or Fairfield Woods libraries cannot be forgiven by our Front Desk Staff.
Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Your research may require you to look beyond the resources available at Pequot Library or either of the Fairfield Public Libraries. If so, materials not owned by Pequot Library or the Fairfield Public Libraries can be borrowed from other libraries outside of our local network through Interlibrary Loans (ILL). Anyone with a valid library card may request items through ILL. You can place a request by contacting the Interlibrary Loan librarian, the Front Desk staff, or using the links below.

Item Request                                                                      

Article Request

Patrons may request up to two ILL books at a time and can only have two ILL books checked out at a time. Patrons with overdue books of two weeks or more and fines over $10.00 will not be allowed to place an ILL request until such books are returned and fines are paid.

Materials usually arrive in one to three weeks after your request is processed. You will be notified by telephone or email when your ILL items are ready to be picked up.

Due dates for Interlibrary Loan materials are specified by the lending library and usually vary from Pequot Library’s standard loan periods. The due date for each item appears on a large, white ILL slip attached to its cover. This is the due date that applies to that item. The loaning library may allow you to renew items.  Please be aware that renewals for ILL materials must be requested through Pequot’s ILL Librarian. ILL loans arranged by Pequot Library must be returned directly to Pequot. The late fee for overdue ILL items is 10 cents per item per day.

Please be aware that many libraries have restrictions on the types of materials they will lend through ILL, including audio/visual items, genealogy, and reference items. These items may take longer to arrive or may not even be available through Interlibrary Loans. You will be notified if an ILL request cannot be filled. Please note libraries do not lend out books that are newer than six months, DVDs or books on tape.

If you would like an extension of the loan period, you must contact the Pequot Library ILL coordinator directly (click here) and make a request. You may also call the front desk at (203) 259-0346 ext. 15 and ask the front desk person to contact the ILL Coordinator on your behalf. Please note some libraries are willing to extend the loan period while others are not.

The patron will be responsible for returning the ILL book in the same condition it was checked out. Any damage to the book or fees for a lost ILL book will be the responsibility of the patron.

Pequot Library does not charge for Interlibrary Loan services, although lending libraries will occasionally charge a fee. Patrons will be notified as soon as possible of any fees before the material is ordered.

Denise Martin
Interlibrary Loan Services
(203) 259-0346 ext. 15
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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