Pequot Library

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Facilities & Amenities

Wheelchair Accessibility

Pequot Library is wheelchair accessible in all areas except the Stacks, Mezzanine and Genealogy & Local History Collection. Front Desk staff can assist you and will be happy to retrieve your book(s). Please ask at the Front Desk or call us at (203) 259-0346 ext.115 if you have any questions.Wireless Access

Pequot Library has FREE wireless access to the Internet. The best access is in the Main Reading Room and no password is needed to log in. There is also no time limit. If people are waiting, please try to finish as soon as possible.

Laptops & Printing

Pequot Library has two laptops available in the Main Reading Room, one desktop computer with word processing software by the Children’s Room, and two laptops that can be signed-out with a current ID for use in the Main Reading Room. All are able to print. Printing the first three pages is free; printing additional pages costs 10 cents per page. Printing is only in black and white, and on a single side of each sheet.

Copy, Fax and Scan Services

Pequot Library’s copier is available when the Library is open. Pequot has recently upgraded to a new patron copy machine, which has many new features:

• Fax local or long distance
• Scan documents in color to your flash drive or to email (coming soon)
• Quickly copy multi-page documents – no more tedious page by page copies!
• Make double-sided copies (be a part of our Green Initiative)
• Multiple paper sizes available


Copies: $0.15 per page, black and white only 

Fax Services:

1st Page: $1.25
All Other Pages: $1.00

Long Distance:
1st Page: $1.50
All Other Pages: $1.25

*A long distance fax is any fax where you must dial the numeral “1” to complete it.
At this time, we do not offer international fax services.